Stop Believing These Myths about Used Trucks

September 20th, 2022 by

used trucks

Are you on the search for used cars or used trucks? Woodhouse has a collection that just can’t be beat. We make it easy to find the right vehicle at the right price, and when you purchase pre-owned, you’ll have a wide inventory of affordable models to pick from. Learn the truth about the pre-owned vehicle purchasing process, and which used car myths just aren’t true.

Myths About Used Trucks Debunked

There are many benefits to purchasing a used vehicle, and many myths surrounding the used vehicle purchasing process, as well. Here are some used car myths you should stop believing today.

Used Pickups Aren’t Good Cars

Vehicles are built better than ever before. That means pre-owned vehicles can continue to be safe, reliable, and comfortable on every ride. And with a little repair and inspection service, your pre-owned vehicle will drive like a new car.

Pre-Owned Trucks Don’t Have Value

Actually, just the opposite is true. Most depreciation, or the rate at which a vehicle loses its value, affects brand-new models. That means pre-owned cars maintain more of their value over time, which is useful if you’re planning to sell or trade-in.

Used Vehicles Have Big Maintenance Costs

Maybe in the past this was true, but modern pickups are built to last. While you always want to do your due diligence and properly research and test a used vehicle before you buy, there’s no reason to expect that maintenance costs will be unreasonably high.

Here at Woodhouse, we aim to provide the vehicles, services, and information you need for every step of the car purchasing process. That’s why we’ve debunked these pre-owned vehicle myths and are proud to share our growing collection of pre-owned models with you. Schedule a test drive at our dealership today.

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