Make the Switch to Electric!

October 14th, 2021 by

Woodhouse is excited to announce that for the month of November we will be posting new 2022 Electric Vehicles (EV’s) weekly that are coming to our dealerships soon! As one of the leading auto families, Woodhouse will bring you the best customer service and fair prices that will exceed your expectations. While new technology keeps emerging, many people are switching from gas to electric vehicles because of all the benefits that come from EV’s. 

 Electric vehicles will save you time and money! Imagine if every time you parked your car in your garage it would automatically be filled with gas? That is exactly what you are doing when you plug in your EV to charge at night! This does not only save you time on going to the gas station, but as gas prices continue to increase this will save you a tremendous amount of money on fuel! The convenience of electric vehicles is another benefit of switching from gas! There is no need to worry about failed transmissions or getting oil changes! Not only do you have the luxury of not having to stop at a gas station on a regular basis, but now you don’t have to stress about finding a time for an oil change within your tight schedule! 

There are a variety of different makes and models of EV’s coming out including the Ford Lightning, Chevy Bolt, and Porsche Taycan, just to name a few. Whether you’re looking for a small car, SUV, or truck, Woodhouse will have an electric vehicle that will fit your needs! If these benefits are not convincing enough, then stay tuned for Woodhouse’s weekly posts throughout November on the 2022 electric vehicles! We will be featuring an EV each week with more information on them and where you can go to shop at Woodhouse for your electric vehicle! 

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