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June 20th, 2022 by

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There are many reasons to consider purchasing a used car, like big savings, a lower rate of depreciation, a wider inventory of vehicles, and access to the ratings from drivers who know their vehicles best. But what about its impact on the environment? Are used cars better or worse for the environment than brand new models?

Are Pre-Owned Vehicles Better for the Environment?

We all know that vehicles can have a big impact on the earth, due to emissions and pollution. While purchasing an alternative energy vehicle is one way to cut down on your environmental effect, it’s not feasible for everyone to buy a new vehicle or worry about charging time. In that case, you may want to consider purchasing pre-owned, instead.

When vehicles are produced, they have a certain environmental cost. This cost accounts for the materials, resources, and transportation impact of the vehicle on the environment. The longer a vehicle is in use, the lower the cost of that production will be.

If you purchase and discard vehicles quickly, that means the production costs are spread over a short amount of time, whereas pre-owned vehicles are in use for longer, so the environmental cost of production goes down with each passing year. When a vehicle is in use, it also means the parts have been well maintained, so you don’t need to worry about replacement part production or the disposal of parts.

It’s also important to note that pre-owned vehicles maintain most, if not all, of their fuel efficiency. You’ll still be able to enjoy top new car mileage in the city and out on the highway, while keeping a vehicle on the road for longer.

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