GM Sunsetting OnStar® in Older Models

April 20th, 2023 by

A woman calling OnStar for help with her broken down car

For many years now, OnStar® has provided much-needed help for drivers. But certain car owners will soon find the nature of this support changing. General Motors recently announced that its signature telematics system would no longer be available for specific vehicles, but it promises alternatives for those owning older models.

Which Drivers Are Impacted by the OnStar Change?

If you drive any GM vehicle from 2015 or earlier, it is incompatible with OnStar and Connected Services. This includes cars from Buick, Cadillac, Chevrolet, and GMC. This also applies to legacy vehicles from the Oldsmobile, Pontiac, Saab, and Saturn brands.

Why is OnStar Ending for these Vehicles?

Because they rely on an older cellular network, these cars won’t connect to OnStar anymore. Vehicles from 2015 and older use Verizon’s obsolete 2G network, which has been replaced with 4G and 5G connectivity.

What if Drivers Need Help?

While OnStar may not be able to be accessed with a vehicle, drivers will be happy to know that they can still get help when they need it, 24/7. They can call 1-888-4ONSTAR to speak to a representative or contact someone through the OnStar Guardian app.

The Bright Side of the Loss of OnStar

There is one positive for drivers who have lost OnStar: money savings. Because this service is no longer available, they won’t have to continue paying for it.

If You Have Questions about OnStar, Get in Touch with Woodhouse

Many of us enjoy the extra peace of mind afforded by OnStar, so losing it may be difficult. However, there are alternatives, so if you have questions or want more details about this change, Woodhouse is here to help. Contact us or visit our Omaha, NE, dealerships for further information.

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