Gas vs. Diesel Engines

October 10th, 2022 by

gas vs. diesel

With so much emphasis put on fuel-efficient vehicles these days, you may be eager to upgrade your current model. This does not mean necessarily going with a hybrid or an electric car. Instead, you might want to think about one with a diesel engine. Let’s compare gas vs. diesel to see which may be the better choice.

Comparing Gas vs. Diesel Engines

For the most part, gas and diesel engines are very similar. They both utilize internal combustion, in which air enters the engine to combine with the fuel. This results in the engine’s cylinders compressing that mixture in order to get the pistons and crankshaft moving.

With a gas-powered engine, spark plugs ignite the fuel mixture. Diesel engines don’t have spark plugs. Instead, they utilize extreme compression in order to create the required amount of heat for spontaneous ignition.

The Advantage of Diesel

Because diesel fuel contains more energy than gas, it’s the more cost-effective choice. For example, you would need an eight-liter gas engine to get the same amount of power as a six-liter diesel engine.

Diesel engines are also more efficient, and this is especially apparent when it comes to towing. Trucks that offer the best towing ability always have diesel engines.

Another benefit of a diesel engine is that because they don’t have as many parts as those that run on gas, they typically don’t require as much maintenance. They also generally last longer and don’t need as many repairs.

The biggest advantage of gas is that it is generally cheaper than diesel. But, these extra costs are usually mitigated thanks to the improved efficiency of diesel engines.

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