Battery Service for Used Cars is Available at Woodhouse

October 5th, 2021 by

12V Battery

When it comes to your 12V battery, there’s no one more prepared or equipped to give you the service and care you deserve than Woodhouse. We’re the dealership you can trust for exciting new and pre-owned vehicles, personalized financing options, and safe and reliable service that keeps your car in great shape. Here’s a look at battery service and care for your used car.

Signs Your 12V Battery Needs Replacing

Typically, batteries last about three to five years, depending on your driving conditions and style. Still, it’s important to be able to recognize signs of wear or damage, so you know when to schedule a battery service appointment. Here are a few things to look out for:

  • Your Vehicle Is Struggling to Turn Over: Our vehicles rely on the battery to start, so if you notice your car isn’t turning over easily or you only hear a small click when you go to start the car, schedule battery service right away.
  • Your Accessories Are Dim: Another clear indication that your battery isn’t running efficiently is that the lights, radio, and other accessories are low or dim. Your battery powers these systems, and they’ll respond to low charge.
  • Your Check Engine or Battery Light Comes On: The battery light is a clear indication of an issue, but a battery problem can also cause your check engine light to turn on as well.
  • You Smell Rotten Eggs: Another common and very hard-to-miss indication of battery problems is the smell. When a battery begins to corrode or go bad, it emits a sulfur smell of rotten eggs.

Learn more about the batteries in your used vehicle and get the battery service that you can trust here at Woodhouse. Schedule your next service appointment today.

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