3 Things Your Car Warranty Won’t Cover

April 20th, 2023 by

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When you buy a car, it’s nice to know that it will offer protection in the form of warranties if something goes wrong. And while these can cover a lot, knowing what they don’t cover is essential. Here the Woodhouse service team offers some insight.

How Warranties Work

Most new vehicles come with two types of warranties. The first is bumper-to-bumper coverage. This will keep you covered for defects in workmanship or materials for exterior, interior, and electronic parts. Cars also have a powertrain warranty that covers the engine, transmission, gears, and other components of the powertrain.

What Your Warranty Won’t Cover

While most manufacturers’ warranties provide excellent coverage, none are designed to safeguard against every eventuality. Routine wear-and-tear on consumable parts like tires, filters, brake pads, and spark plugs fall into this category. There are a few more items your warranty isn’t intended to cover, and your dealer can help you identify solutions to protect against each.


If you’re second-guessing collision insurance, think again. If your car’s in an accident, your warranty won’t cover it. That can leave you paying out-of-pocket for rental vehicles and repairs, so talk to your insurer about appropriate coverage.


Because warranties deal with defects in materials and manufacture, they’re not intended to cover theft. Talk to your dealer about GAP insurance.


Weather and so-called “acts of God” also fall outside the purview of your warranty and sometimes even your insurance. If a big storm hits and hail damages your car, or perhaps it gets flooded, you could be out of luck. We suggest speaking to your insurer to confirm your coverage and add a rider to your policy that addresses this issue if you’re not already covered.

Get All of Your Warranty Questions Answered at Woodhouse

If you have questions or concerns about warranty coverage, contact Woodhouse for the answers. You can also visit any of our Omaha, NE, dealerships to speak to someone in person.

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