What are the 2023 Ford F-150 Bed Sizes?

Ford F-150


Different driving requirements can be met by different pickup truck bed sizes. Larger beds might be preferable for Omaha, NE workplaces, whereas smaller beds typically mean more space in the cabin for passengers. What size bed does the 2023 Ford F-150 have, and how will that affect your ability to navigate the streets of 3%%target_city? For more information on the new Ford F-150 Omaha, see this guide from Woodhouse!



2023 Ford F-150 Bed Length and Cab Styles

Three different bed lengths are available for the Ford F-150: a 5.5-foot bed, a 6.5-foot bed, and an 8-foot bed. Your choice of cab affects the beds that are available to you, and vice versa. You can select from three different cab types: the Regular Cab (capacity for 3 passengers), the SuperCab (5–6 passengers), and the SuperCrew Cab (5–6 passengers). Look closely at the cab and bed designs you can combine:

Ford F-150 Regular Cab Bed Sizes

  • 6.5-foot Box
  • 8-foot Box

Ford F-150 SuperCab Bed Sizes

  • 6.5-foot Box
  • 8-foot Box

Ford F-150 SuperCrew Bed Sizes

  • 5.5-foot Box
  • 6.5-foot Box

2023 Ford F-150 Dimensions

Below, you can review the 2023 Ford F-150 dimensions available:

5.5-Foot Box: 

  • 67.1 inches long
  • 50.6 inches wide
  • 21.4 inches high
  • Cargo box volume of 52.8 cubic feet

6.5-Foot Box: 

  • 78.9 inches long
  • 50.6 inches wide
  • 21.4 inches high
  • Cargo box volume of 62.3 cubic feet

8-Foot Box: 

  • 97.6 inches long
  • 50.6 inches wide
  • 21.4 inches high
  • Cargo volume of 77.4 cubic feet

F-150 Bed Details

The high-strength, military-grade aluminum alloy used to make the bed, along with the 2023 Ford F-150 bed length, contribute to the F-150’s capabilities. When properly equipped, the F-150’s payload capacities can reach up to 3,310 pounds, depending on the engine and drivetrain that is chosen. This material strengthens the vehicle without adding to its weight. Additionally, features like the following improve the bed size of your Ford F-150 in Omaha:

  • Fully boxed, high-strength steel frame
  • Pro Power Onboard, allows you to use your truck like a mobile generator
  • Available Tailgate Step with Tailgate Work Surface
  • Optional BoxLinkTM system
  • Optional LED box lights
  • Optional Stowable loading ramps

Test Drive a Ford F-150 in Omaha at Woodhouse!

It is time to investigate the Ford F-150 truck in person and learn more about its features, like its towing capacity, now that you are aware of its bed. Discover what the F-150 can do for you around Lincoln, NE by getting behind the wheel with a test drive at Woodhouse. Plan your visit by getting in touch with our team, and do not forget to look at our Ford lease specials to see how much you can save! can save!


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